SURE! after 1 weeks take a vocation iam going to update PlatyPos Utility and Roadmap. sounds good right.

after succesfully Sold 13 PlatySol, i just want to make PlatySol community more bigger and bigger. but we must have great and more valuable utility and roadmap.

first thing you should know!

1. PlatyPos will reduce initial Supply from 250 to 150 PlatyPos will ever exist.

question : what happened? we want to make PlatyPos more exclusive for HOLDER and community.

2. 100 PlatyPos will minted at app.alturanft.com and the rest 50 will mint after 100 PlatyPos got sold 100% or 70%.

3. Floor Price will be at 0.05 BNB or same as 250 PlatyPos before reduce initial supply.


After 70% or 100% from 100 PlatyPos got Sold at price 0.05 BNB, 70 x 0.05 = 3.5 BNB. we will use 1 BNB to buy $ALU a governant token from alturanft to give back to our PlatyPos Holder through giveaway. more info to come!


  • MINT 50% PlatyPos- Done
  • MINT 70% PlatyPos- To come
  • MINT 100% PlatyPos- To come
  • Start using BNB from sale to buy $ALU- To come
  • Start $ALU Giveaway- To come

STAY TUNED FOR ANNOUNCEMENT! If you have any question regarding our util and roadmap dont get shy to chat PlatyPos at twitter!




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